Robust and Active Guilds

Offering memberships to many robust and active guilds, such as the: Blacksmiths Guild, Farm Brewers Guild, KiltUp!, Lace Guild, Musicians Guild, Quilt Guild, Victorian Dance Society, and Woodwrights Guild. Guild Presidents are always happy to discuss membership with prospective members. Guilds re-creation Please call for Guild President's contact information. To purchase online, please visit our Guild Membership page.

Blacksmiths Guild
The Blacksmiths Guild is a group of individuals who share a common interest in the craft and art of blacksmithing. The Guild seeks to bring the craft and art of blacksmithing to the public, establish training programs and provide information about blacksmithing.

Farm Brewers Guild
Add historic and cultural perspective to our ever-growing and long storied love of beer and brewing, the Brewers Guild provides a direct connection from our farmstead to the foam-topped glass. The guild offers brewing demonstrations of historic recipes at BNHV events with plans for events and workshops to bring the community together for a fun and frothy hands-on learning experience.

KiltUp! serves to connect with, celebrate, promote, and preserve Scottish and Celtic culture. For more information, please download the KiltUp! Robust photograph Brochure.

Lace Guild
The Lace Guild encourages interest in history, construction, identification, preservation, exhibition and advancement of the art of lace-making. Meetings are held once a month. Special events and exhibitions are offered, along with an annual seminar.

Musicians Guild
Formed to support the mission by providing contextual musical experiences that help tell our story. Our “Porch Pickers” living history ensemble enhance the aural experience in the historic village on Free Farmstead Thursdays, while our musical school docents tell the tales of the Erie Canal through song for our younger visitors.

Quilt Guild
Anyone interested in quilts and the art of quilting is welcome to join. They seek to further the craft and perpetuate the art of quilting by presenting related programs and events. Meetings are held once a month. Active picture Visit the guild’s website:

Victorian Dance Society
The Society welcomes any individual or couple interested in Victorian dancing. The Society’s purpose is to foster an interest in the history, etiquette, preservation and teaching of Victorian dance. Meetings are held twice a month. Visit the guild’s website:

Weavers Guild of Buffalo
The Weavers Guild is open to anyone with an interest in weaving, spinning or other fiber related craft. The “weaving year” begins in September and lasts through June, and during that time, the guild meet twice a month—one morning and one evening meeting—for organized programs, lectures and workshops. Please visit the guild’s website at for more information and to join. BNHV does not process Weavers Guild of Buffalo memberships.

Woodrights Guild
Endeavors to preserve the art of 19th Century woodworking techniques and mentor interested individuals in completing woodworking projects for installation and use in our historic village.